Product Details

M 12001

Category Back Massage


  1.     Function
  • Neck:

l   Deep-kneading shiatsu (clockwise and counterclockwise massage).

l   Massage can move up and down and adjustable distance is about 10cm.

  • Back:

l   Deep-Kneading shiatsu for a deep massage

l   3 Massage Zones allow you to concentrate relaxation on your upper or lower back,

  • or massage your entire back

l   Smoothing heat can effectively ease muscle fatigue.

  • Waist:  air pressure massage for relaxing the waist muscles  (intensity-adjusted)
  • Seat:  The air pressure massage can relaxing the muscles of the legs and buttocks


2.   Programmed controller for ease of use

3.   Timer15 minutes

4.   Appearance : Mesh Fabric