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Category Massage Chair



* Innovative sliding forward structure integrates with scientific ergonomic principle, making ypur body in the best status, especially relaxes the hip, waist and arm. Combined with “Swing” program to ease your pain, make you comfortable.

* Breakthrough design of backrest sliding structure can save much of your room space, the chair needs only 3 fingers back space for backrest lying down.

* Six automatic programs

*Head wrap-around massage effectively relieve headaches, make you enjoy every day on your life.

* Fourth-generation roller Scrapping technology, through the feet both side air bag, deeply massage the foot acupoint, foot massage will more, the foot massage will be more comprehensive and accurate.

* Innovative portable “warm body” can meet the heating demand of different positions, warming your knees, chest belly and so on.

      For Export RMB¥ 3500