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Oxygen Concentrator KSOC-5 Series

Category Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen Concentrator device is used for people with respiratory problems and can produce more consistent pure Oxygen than the open air.

Model : KSOC-5

Oxygen Purity : 93+-3%
flow Range : 0-5L
Max Noise : <54db
Input Voltage : 220v/110v
Output Pressure : 40-70kpa
Power : <480VA
G.W : 25kg
Size : 380*320*620
Carton Size : 465*390*700


  • USA technology oil-free compressor free of maintenance
  • imported molecular sieve
  • integrated cleaning-free filter
  • clear high-definition LED screen
  • external humidifier bottle design
  • distinctive heat radiation design of air duct
  • high performance spring to reduce shake
  • multiple filter protection
  • multiple alarm design